Are Dental Check-Ups a Must-Do for Healthy Teeth?

Are Dental Check-Ups a Must-Do for Healthy Teeth?

Dec 02, 2021

A dental checkup is a routine examination performed by a dentist at regular intervals. Its objective is to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. Even if you maintain proper oral hygiene, it is important to regularly visit a dentist to detect dental problems early. These could be gum diseases or even oral cancer. Depending on your dental health risk, our dentist will advise you on how often you should have dental checkups. These periods may vary from once every three months to once every two years.

Even if you brush and floss your teeth, you need to add dental checkups to your list of oral hygiene. They will help you to prevent dental problems from developing and affecting your life negatively. This will ensure your teeth keep serving you for as long as you live. That is one of the benefits of dental checkups.

What to Expect

Our dentist will start by asking you general questions to know whether you have dental problems or pains. Then, a dental examination will be performed on the soft tissue lining of your mouth, gums, and teeth. Next, if there are lifestyle habits that put your dental health at risk, you will be advised on oral care tips. Finally, the possible future problems caused by your habits will be explained.

Benefits of a Dental Checkup

It’s for the following reasons that you should go for routine dental checkups regularly.

When you go for regular checkups, you can avoid accumulation and hardening of plaque to become tartar, preventing cavities and tooth decays. When brushing your teeth, there are places that are so hard to reach with a brush. The back of molars is one of the places, and there is an accumulation of plaque. Professional teeth cleaning will promote your oral health by getting rid of plaque. This is one of the reasons why you should see a dentist regularly.

Dental exams appointments will reveal early signs of tooth decay. When our dentist finds small cavities or white spots on teeth, you will start fluoride treatment to reverse the decay and apply dental fillings to larger cavities.

After an oral examination, our dentist will perform professional teeth cleaning. This procedure will help clear accumulated plaque and tartar. Having your teeth cleaned makes them stronger, thus enabling them to fight off attacks by harmful bacteria that live in the plaque and tartar.

Visiting our dentist routinely will help to identify gum diseases. The early stages of gum diseases show no symptoms making it hard for you to know that they are developing. Our dentist in Smithfield is well trained and equipped to identify these diseases at early stages.

When doing the checkup, gums will be examined for firmness. Our dentist will also see if the gum is swelling, receding and whether there are deep gum sockets. With the results, treatment of the gums will commence, thus helping you avoid gum diseases. Early gum disease goes away when you improve your oral hygiene, and you will be guided by our dental experts on taking care of your gums.

Oral cancer also develops undetected, and regularly visiting a dentist will help locate cancer before it develops into a life-threatening illness. VELscope technology is pain-free and is used to look for dead tissues caused by tumors. Dentists use routine checkups to check for oral cancer as it is treatable at early stages. When you go for checkups regularly, oral cancer will be detected before it gets to the late stages.

Dental checkups will not help detect dental problems only. Dental exams appointments also see that your head, neck, and shoulders are checked. In addition, lymph nodes, neck, and jaws are checked for lumps, swells, deformations, and other signs of illness. When a problem is detected, you will be advised on the specialists to visit.

You should also note that some other diseases and conditions will first show symptoms in the mouth. These include diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus. When they are observed, our dentist will recommend treatment options for you before it’s too late.

Webber Dental has brought dental checkups near you to assist you in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Visit our office for checkups and regular dental cleaning. Our dentist will be advice on how often you will need to come for a checkup.

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