How Can You Know If You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

How Can You Know If You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

Mar 01, 2022

A root canal treatment refers to removing the pulp, which is the fluffy hub of the tooth. It is composed of connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels that enable the tooth to grow. When done, it also helps to halt the current infection and also prevent reinfection of the tooth. You’d learn more about the technique, its advantages, and the dangers involved as you read further.

How To Know When A Root Canal Needed?

Root canal treatment or procedure is indicated when the following ensues:

  • Profound pulp decay
  • A chip or a crack to the tooth
  • When an individual has had multiple dental techniques on the exact tooth
  • Traumatic damage to the tooth from a fight, catastrophes, sports, etc.

When any of the above happens, it causes the sluggish inner portion of the tooth, which is the pulp, to get traumatized and become inflamed and contaminated. Signs and symptoms of a scarred pulp include:

  • Discomfort in the tooth, especially while munching or crunching
  • Prevailing sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Swelling
  • A whittled or banged tooth
  • A fad of warmth in the gums
  • Pimple appearance on the gums
  • Damage or darkening of the gums.

How Do Dentists Perform A Root Canal Procedure?

An endodontist is a dentist specializing in the causes, diagnosis, therapy, prevention, and treatment of the dental pulp or nerve problems of the tooth. They also routinely perform a root canal and other endodontal procedures. Lastly, they’re your go-to person for emergency root canal near you.

To determine the root canal’s shape and the presence of infection, the endodontist, takes an x-ray of the tooth. Anesthesia will help you relax through the procedure and feel no pain. After that, the dentist would place a rubber barrier or plate around the teeth to keep them dry and prevent saliva from entering throughout the operation.

First, the endodontist drills a hole in the tooth’s crown. Next, they will clean the pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals and shape the area for filling. After cleaning and shaping the site, the endodontist will fill the root canals with a material known as gutta-percha. To guarantee that the root canals are completely sealed, the gutta-percha is applied using adhesive cement. A temporary filler is used to close the gap most of the time. Your dentist will remove the temporary filling before completing tooth repair.

Finally, the tooth’s rehabilitation, particularly if it has a large filling, broad erosion, or other faults, may necessitate a crown and post or other restoration to protect it, prevent it from breaking, and restore it to full functionality. You can trust getting a safe procedure if you schedule endodontic procedures such as root canal treatment with our dentist in 84335. Top-notch service is guaranteed.

Root Canal Therapy: How Safe?

Root Canal Therapy has a >95% accomplishment rate, with many teeth lasting a lifetime after root canal treatment. Nonetheless, some drawbacks can arise, which in most cases is a new infection of the root canal.

Reasons for these include:

  • An unnoticed crack in the tooth’s base
  • A tooth may have more root canals than expected, with one or more of them remaining buried.
  • A problem with the tooth rehabilitation, allowing germs to get past it and into the tooth’s inside.
  • The interior sealing substance has deteriorated, allowing bacteria to re-infect the inner tooth.

After A Root Canal Therapy Procedure.

It is essential to take good care of your teeth while healing from the procedure. Follow these tips:

  • Avoid biting hard on foods until the completion of treatment.
  • Use prescribed NSAIDs or painkillers to relieve discomfort
  • Visit the dentist if the pain or swelling persists even after using painkillers.

You can book an appointment with us at Webber Comprehensive Dentistry for fast and painless root canal treatments today.

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