Information You Must Have about Dentures

Information You Must Have about Dentures

Jul 01, 2020

Dentures that are popularly known as false teeth are adapted to act as a prosthesis for the missing teeth in your mouth. They are made from nylon, acrylic, or metals. Dentures can be used in place of one missing tooth or all your teeth and fit snugly over your gums.

Many benefits are offered by well-fitted dentures, including improving your speech, self-confidence, and eating capabilities. They help to prevent your face from sagging over time and protect your remaining teeth as well.

Types of Dentures

There are many types of false teeth available, including partial and full dentures. They must be appropriately fitted to ensure they match the shape of your teeth, size, and color. The fitting can be accomplished by a specialist known as a prosthodontist or by a general dentist who also has experience with dentures.

Full Dentures

When you have lost all your teeth, you can use full dentures. How the loss of teeth occurred does not matter and could be due to injury, infections, or any other medical conditions. The artificial teeth are attached to a plate that sits against your gums. The fittings of the plate and gum can be developed either from metal or acrylic to match the color of your gums that are not visible to others. You can use denture adhesive to keep the false teeth in place.

Partial Dentures

If you still have some healthy teeth remaining, you can use partial dentures. These appliances are clipped with the remaining natural teeth. The clips are visible when talking, but an expert can make them in tooth-colored material.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are conventional and come with an added benefit of being easier to clean. They can, however, slip out of place quickly, making dentists recommend you should avoid foods that are sticky, chewy or hard. You can use denture adhesives to keep the false teeth in place, but they can pose difficulties themselves. The lifespan of removable dentures is approximately five years after which replacements are necessary.

Complete and partial dentures are both in the same price range, starting at approximately $ 300. You can get more comfortable and better-looking dentures if you are willing to spend higher sums, and the prices for well-fitted dentures can go as high as $ 8000. Price variations will depend on the number of teeth, the materials used, and whether you are getting a single plate or two.

Flexible Dentures

If you do not want to wear conventional dentures, you can choose a popular alternative like flexible dentures. This variety is not just flexible but is also extremely durable and are more comfortable to wear. The translucent resin matches the color of your gums, and therefore they don’t require any visible clips like it is familiar with partial dentures. Flexible dentures are lightweight and will not feel bulky in the mouth. They are also durable and can last for 5 to 8 years. However, they are also expensive and will generally cost between $ 700-$ 3000 for a partial set.

Maintaining Your Dentures Appropriately

Our mouths are populated with microorganisms making it essential to clean artificial teeth every day. Your dentist will advise you on how to clean your dentures appropriately, depending on the type of false teeth you have chosen. Removing partials from your mouth can make it easier for you to clean your natural teeth when you are brushing at night.

Cleaning solutions suitable for the type of denture you are using will help to clean them effectively. Dentures require different solutions for the cleaning, depending on the materials they are developed from. Therefore, inquiring with your dentist about the solution you should use is suggested.

You can increase the lifespan of your false teeth by being careful when handling them. Do not bend them and avoid damaging the clips when cleaning them. Soaking your dentures overnight can prevent them from drying out. However, you must rinse them under water before you replace them in your mouth.

Your dentist will recommend avoiding certain foods like drinking hot beverages that can warp the dentures. Avoiding foods like hard Candy or chewy is also a good idea.

If you are not in favor of wearing dentures, you can consider appealing alternatives. Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement solutions that look and feel natural. There are long-lasting but can set you back significantly because of their higher costs. Bridges are another alternative that can be used because these are fake teeth held in place by a dental crown bonded to the neighboring teeth. You can discuss your options for replacing your missing teeth with your dentist before deciding whether you want dentures or better replacement solutions like implants or bridges.

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