Denture Repair in Smithfield, Utah

Dentures are an effective way to replace missing teeth, but even though these appliances are tough and long-lasting, like everything else, they need repair from time to time. Materials erode and age over time and can be damaged by anything from chewing on ice to biting down too hard on a piece of candy. Denture fractures are common, too. Fractures usually happen with older dentures that have been in use for a long time. Poor fit is a leading cause of denture fracture. Misalignment causes pressure to build up in one part of the denture more than others, leading to microfractures. Eventually, a visible crack shows up. Dropping dentures or partial can also cause fractures

Denture repair at Webber Comprehensive Dentistry

Dentures are made of materials meant to be repaired. Revitalizing dentures is important to do even if your dentures are not broken. The bone tissue and gums underneath partials or dentures change over time, most often shrinking. If you find that your dentures aren’t fitting as well as they used to, you’re probably right. A visit to your dentist can set things right. Materials can be added to your dentures to get them back into prime condition. Typically, having your dentures cared for like this is much less expensive than having to have a new set of dentures made.

Dentures and partials are usually made of acrylic. Acrylic resin is malleable, comfortable to wear, good-looking and repairable. Your dental professional at Webber Comprehensive Dentistry in Smithfield, Utah can repair your dentures due to the nature of acrylic resin. However, it’s not a good idea to use over-the-counter dental repair kits, because they can make it impossible to professional repair your dentures. Fixes made with over-the-counter kits don’t last more than a few days and then you’ll still need new dentures.

At home, make sure to put a towel down under your dentures when you clean them. A towel will cushion a drop, as acrylic resin becomes slippery when brushed. Daily brushing with a gentle toothpaste is essential to keeping dentures and partials clean, so keep them protected during oral hygiene.

At Webber Comprehensive Dentistry in Smithfield, Utah, we offer the best and most convenient denture and partials repair in Smithfield, Utah. Along with making all of our dentures in house, we do denture repairs and relines in house as well for fast turnaround times.

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