Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing Gas Sedation in Smithfield, UT

Dental anxiety can stop you from seeking dental care when you need it most, which puts you in danger of developing long-term dental problems. If you experience fear or terror at the thought of seeing a dentist, you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. On the list of sedation agents available at your next dental appointment is laughing gas. Laughing gas is a sedative agent that the dentist combines with oxygen to help you have a more relaxed and pleasant time on the dentist’s chair.

Webber Comprehensive Dentistry offers laughing gas sedation in Smithfield, UT, to children and adults alike. We desire to make dental appointments less daunting for everyone, and laughing gas sedation is one way that we make this possible.

How Does Laughing Gas Sedation Work?

Most movies depict laughing gas as an agent that causes an individual to launch into a fit of giggles. But worry not, you will not burst into endless laughter while you’re receiving dental treatment. Instead, laughing gas has three main effects on a patient:

  • It makes you calmer and more relaxed, thus eliminating excessive fear.
  • It’s a pain-killer.
  • It causes a feeling of euphoria. You’ll feel happier, but you will not necessarily be laughing.

Laughing gas sedation doesn’t put you to sleep. When you’re sedated, you can still hear and respond to any requests made by our dentist in Smithfield, UT.

What to Expect

Our dentist in Smithfield, UT, will have you inhale the laughing gas through a small mask placed over your nose. You may begin to feel light-headed. Some individuals experience tingling in their arms and legs. You will need to inhale the gas continuously during the procedure to ensure adequate sedation. After the procedure is over, our dentist will ease you off the sedation. In some cases, you’ll need to receive oxygen for a few minutes after the dental procedure is completed so that you don’t develop a headache.

Laughing gas sedation in Smithfield, UT, is available for children and adults, and numerous types of dental treatments. We prefer to sedate patients seeking complicated procedures such as root canal treatments and wisdom teeth removal. This doesn’t mean that we’ll turn you away if you need to be sedated for a dental cleaning—we’re here to make your dental visit as comfortable as is humanly possible.

While laughing gas is a safe form of sedation, our dentist near you will need to review your medical history before administering this sedative. Remember to eat lightly before your procedure and avoid heavy meals immediately after, as these can make you nauseous.

Are you in Smithfield, UT, and would like to enjoy dental care without feeling frightened? Contact Webber Comprehensive Dentistry today to discuss the option of laughing gas sedation near you.

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