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Root Canals in Smithfield, Utah - Endodontics Near You

Root canal treatments, sometimes known informally as root canals, are endodontic treatments that involve the removal of the diseased tooth pulp. Tooth pulp may become infected as a result of a bacterial infection, as in the case of a cavity. When this happens, the affected individual may experience constant toothaches, which can often be debilitating. While some people choose to extract such a tooth, others prefer root canals, as this choice allows them to keep their natural teeth.

Here at Webber Comprehensive Dentistry, we recommend utilizing all available means to ensure you keep as many of your natural teeth as possible. We offer root canal near you to save your moderately to severely decayed teeth. Call us today to schedule your visit for Smithfield endodontics near you at 84335.

What to Expect During Your Appointment?

It’s normal to experience some jitters before or during your appointment. After all, most people don’t particularly look forward to their dental visits. We want to guarantee you that you will be well taken care of during your root canal procedure. Our dentist in Smithfield, Utah will explain everything you need to know before starting the process of removing the diseased pulp from your tooth.

Before the appointment, the dentist will carefully examine your oral cavity to determine the presence and state of your cavities. We will also take digital dental x-rays to get an in-depth look into your affected teeth.

Root canals in Smithfield, Utah are performed under anesthesia. The type of anesthesia that the dentist uses depends on the needs of the patient. Here at Webber Comprehensive Dentistry, we offer various forms of anesthesia, including local and general anesthesia, and sedation, to ensure your comfort and relaxation during the procedure.

How to Prepare for A Root Canal Treatment/Endodontic Procedure?

There isn’t much preparation that goes into getting ready for a root canal treatment, at least not on the patient’s end. However, we advise our patients to take note of the following before coming in for a root canal procedure:

  • Eat a proper meal, and get a good night’s sleep before your treatment. Doing this will allow your body to be well-rested and strong, which will enable you to make a quick recovery after your procedure.
  • Discuss your needs with the dentist beforehand. Webber Comprehensive Dentistry offers sedation dentistry to make dental procedures a little easier for patients, especially those who experience dental anxiety. Let our dentist know if you’d like to be sedated during your root canal treatment.
  • Inform our dentist if you’re on any current medications, such as blood thinners or antibiotics.

Are you looking to save a badly-decayed tooth? Call Webber Comprehensive Dentistry today to discuss your endodontic treatment options.

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