Tooth Extraction

Dental Extraction in Smithfield, Utah

A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from a person’s dental cavity. This might seem an extreme measure, but at Webber Comprehensive Dentistry in Smithfield, Utah, we don’t do it unless we have to. There are many medical indications for tooth extraction. Most revolve around a tooth being irreparable.

At Webber Comprehensive Dentistry in Smithfield, Utah, we have plenty of experience with dental extractions. Our dentists have performed this type of procedure many times in the past. We know how to take care of our patients and make sure they’re comfortable during an extraction.

Dental Extraction Indications

Our primary goal is always to preserve a person’s natural teeth. Despite a lot of progress in restorative procedures and artificial replacements, there’s still nothing quite as good as a natural tooth. If we recommend extraction, that means we don’t see any other alternative.

Wisdom tooth extractions are arguably the most common extractions we perform. Wisdom teeth are accessory and don’t affect function in any way. Extracting them won’t hurt. We might also need to infect a badly infected tooth that’s not responding to treatment and can act as a septic focus in the body.

Sometimes we get patients who have suffered a bad fall or trauma to the face. If a tooth is too loose to be saved, we’ll recommend extracting it. Once extraction is done, we can start planning for a replacement.

Getting an Extraction

Not all dental extractions are the same. Some are easier than others. Some teeth can simply be pulled or tugged on and others that need an incision. Many things affect how long your extraction takes and how complicated it can be.

Most patients only need local anesthesia. Tougher cases that require surgical extraction might need general anesthesia. We generally recommend that you have someone drive you home after the procedure in case it takes longer than we expect.

We’ll give you instructions and things to do the first few days after the procedure. We understand a dental extraction can be scary, but we’ll do all we can to make you comfortable during and after the procedure.

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