Seven Ways to Make Dental Cleanings Less Painful

Seven Ways to Make Dental Cleanings Less Painful

Oct 01, 2022

Many people dislike a teeth cleaning and exam more out of dental phobia than the discomfort caused by the procedure. Dental exams because no pain because the dentist examines your oral cavity along with your teeth, gums, and structures, looking for signs of infections like tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, et cetera.

The dental cleaning is also not challenging to endure so long as you maintain visits to the dentist near you to receive the cleaning as recommended by the dentist. Unfortunately, if you avoid the cleaning or cannot find time to schedule an appointment, you inadvertently allow dental plaque constantly forming on your teeth to harden into tartar which is challenging to remove by brushing and flossing and needs help from a dental hygienist.

If you leave tartar accumulating on your teeth and below the gum line, you soon become a victim of gum disease that gradually progresses into periodontitis, an infection needing lifelong maintenance because it doesn’t have any cure. Instead of inviting all the trouble described, you find it beneficial to schedule an appointment with Utah dentistry for your subsequent dental prophylaxis and get your teeth cleaned by following the tips suggested in this article.

When you call the dentist in 84335 to schedule your appointment, you can discuss your dental anxiety about teeth cleaning to inquire whether you can take any medications before the meeting to relieve stress. The dentist might suggest pills or recommend that can provide anxiety relief medications during your visit for the cleaning.

Tips to Make Your Dental Cleaning Comfortable

  • Request the antianxiety medications the dentist promised you soon as you reach the dental office. The dentist might give you inhalable nitrous oxide to relieve your anxiety and increase your pain threshold. Nitrous oxide, alternatively called laughing gas, makes you euphoric to alleviate your anxiety and prevents you from experiencing pain during the cleaning.
  • Never delay teeth cleanings until it is too late until you have hardened tartar on the teeth and beneath the gum line. For example, if you visit the dentist for a dental exam and clean near you after over a year, expect the hardened tartar to need a deep cleaning that causes pain and sensitivity. Instead, if you receive teeth cleanings in a timely fashion, you don’t have to endure unnecessary pain or remain anxious about the procedure.
  • After receiving your teeth cleaning, remain determined to stay in line with your dental hygiene practices as your dentist recommends. It includes brushing teeth twice daily, flossing at least once, avoiding harmful foods and beverages, and scheduling appointments for dental prophylaxis at intervals suggested by the dentist.
  • Use electric toothbrushes if you aren’t sure whether you are using the proper brushing technique. Electric toothbrushes help better when cleaning below the gum line, ensuring that the dental hygienist doesn’t have much to scrape from the area. Less scraping will make the dental cleaning less painful.
  • The Utah dentist has registered dental hygienists working with them who are fully trained in cleaning teeth without causing undue discomfort. However, you might encounter an inexperienced hygienist who might use extra force when removing hardened tartar from below your gum line near your tooth roots. Therefore ensure that you schedule your meetings with a reputed dentist working with experienced and gentle dental hygienists for your comfort.
  • If you experience discomfort despite the preventive measures adopted by the dental hygienist, request recommendations for desensitizing toothpaste and start using it daily to prevent sensitivity in your teeth.
  • Do not brush your teeth aggressively but remain gentle with them and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to ensure you don’t damage tooth enamel to make your teeth sensitive. Instead, learn about proper brushing techniques from the dental hygienist during your teeth cleaning with the knowledge that the professional will happily help you out after cleaning your teeth.

Teeth cleanings, besides removing plaque and tartar from your teeth and below the gum line, also help you get a sparkling smile by brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush and gritty toothpaste, making an unpleasant sound. However, the polishing ensures you have brighter-looking teeth to complement your smile.

If teeth cleanings and dental exams are scary, you don’t help yourself by staying away from the dentist because it makes you vulnerable to severe dental infections. Instead, please inquire with the dentist about how they can help you overcome your fear and use the tips mentioned herein to make dental cleanings comfortable.

Webber Dental provides dental exams and cleanings for patients who are not diligent with their dental hygiene routine, using techniques to make them comfortable during the process. Get over your fear of teeth cleanings by contacting by visiting this dental practice to get your teeth cleaned without delays.

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