Top 5 Benefits Of Having An Emergency Dentist

Top 5 Benefits Of Having An Emergency Dentist

Aug 01, 2021

Let’s face it- being acquainted with an emergency dentist or having an emergency dental clinic close to you can be regarded as a lifesaver, especially when you are deep in some excruciating mouth pain. An emergency dentist offers emergency dental services, ensuring that oral treatments are administered to patients in no time. Some emergency dentists are readily available to see their patients within 24 hours.

A dental emergency is a situation that anyone could be faced at least once in a lifetime. You rarely find that an individual is free from any serious issues with their teeth or gum. Unfortunately, these problems can show up unannounced; however, having an emergency dentist in Smithfield, UT, a dial away makes getting you diagnosed and finding relief at the earliest possible time a priority.

Most people think that all dental pains emanate from a toothache, but this is just one of many causes of dental pain. The pain may come from the gums or even the jawbones. Other sources could be from a cracked tooth root or enamels, cracked, loose or broken implants, and more. It is important to note that not all cases are an emergency; however, common emergency dental cases include;

  • Toothache
  • gum abscesses
  • swelling or bleeding
  • Knocked-out tooth/teeth
  • Missing or lost dental restoration
  • Cracked or broken tooth/teeth

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, reach out to an emergency dentist’s office near you or book an emergency dentist appointment ASAP.

No one enjoys the pain that comes with a bad tooth or gum; knowing you have an emergency dentist that you can trust to come through for you at any time of the day is a safe bet. Here are the five benefits of having an emergency dentist at your beck and call.

  • An emergency dentist clarifies the problem for you in no time

Underestimating the danger of a toothache can be dangerous because they have the potential of becoming more than what meets the eyes. Dental pain could be from many sources. Trying to check with your emergency dentist even before going to get over-the-counter drugs for the pain is advisable. You then know exactly what the problem is, and you treat it duly. Alternatively, if you ignore the problem, the tooth problem gradually worsens to the point a tooth extraction might be the only option which means more time and money spent on your oral health unplanned for.

  • Limited Time to research an emergency dental service

When you are in the middle of excruciating pain, you may not be in the right state of mind to start a search on any emergency dental clinic near you. Deciding on the best one would be an uphill task because of the situation you are in. However, if you have already registered with an emergency dental clinic and as well have the contact of your emergency dentist, you are unlikely to feel frustrated and stressed.

  • Fast Treatment

Other dental problems could be caused by a motor accident or sporting event, which can lead to a cracked or knocked-out tooth. Getting immediate treatment under these circumstances is essential as it can determine whether a tooth is lost or saved. Having the number of an emergency dentist on speed dial ensures that there are no complications due to delay and treatment is administered almost immediately. Also, you do not have to wait in line for your turn before you are attended to.

  • Pain relief

An emergency dentist ensures that the pain you are feeling is addressed right away. Pain is mostly an effect of dental problems, and it can be severe. Waiting long periods to be attended to in a regular dental clinic may become traumatic and frustrating. More so, waiting a long period before treating a dental problem can lead to more complications. An emergency dentist analyses your oral pain and provides relief or other treatments necessary right away.

  • A tooth is saved

If your tooth has been knocked out or dislodged from its socket, how quickly you can get to your emergency dentist may be what decides the fate of your tooth. Perhaps saving your tooth is the ultimate reason for visiting an emergency dentist. Apart from playing before you get an emergency dental treatment is to put the knocked-out tooth in a cup of milk which would help it preserve it. Having an emergency dentist may help you preserve your tooth so that you do not need an artificial tooth.

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