What is Laughing Gas Sedation and Why is it Useful in Dentistry?

What is Laughing Gas Sedation and Why is it Useful in Dentistry?

Feb 01, 2022

Dental phobia is a specific type of fear which affects a person’s psychological state. It usually develops because of the traumatic experience in the past, which involved a dentist or a procedure. It can be caused by a previous adverse experience with dentistry, such as an injection (anesthetic) gone wrong or an unpleasant procedure (removal of the tooth).

The effects of dental phobia are often severe and sometimes life-threatening. Sufferers may avoid seeing their dentist annually due to their fear. This can lead to serious problems like decay and gum disease among other oral problems.

Thankfully, sedation dentistry, like laughing gas sedation can address dental phobia.

What is Laughing Gas Sedation?

Laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, is a colorless, odorless gas commonly used in dentistry to help patients relax and feel calm during their treatment. Getting laughing gas sedation near you is an effective way to manage patient anxiety during dental procedures. It is administered through a mask that the patient puts on their face before getting on a dental chair.

The gas takes effect immediately and allows our sedation Smithfield, Utah dentist to perform the most standard dental procedures. Laughing gas makes us feel relaxed because it can change how sensitive our brain is to pain.

Why is Laughing Gas Sedation Useful in Dentistry?

The sedative effects of Laughing gas help minimize patient anxiety and discomfort associated with dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas breathed in through a mask placed over the nose. It takes effect within seconds and lasts for a few minutes after the mask is removed.

Laughing gas can help decrease the amount of anxiety and discomfort that a patient experiences during dental procedures, such as fillings or extractions because it can change how sensitive our brain is to pain.

Laughing gas does not affect our consciousness and does not put us to sleep, but it has mild anesthetic and sedative effects and may make you feel dreamy and relaxed. It also increases the pain threshold, so you can tolerate any dental procedure without feeling as much discomfort.

The effect of nitrous oxide can be controlled by adjusting the flow rate into the mask or the nasal cannula. Laughing gas sedation is considered safe and has no side effects.

Who Should Use Laughing Gas Sedation?

Our dentist in 84335 can use laughing gas sedation on adults and children. It is a safe and effective way to reduce anxiety and discomfort during dental procedures. Laughing gas is particularly useful for people who are fearful of dental procedures or have a strong gag reflex.

Laughing gas is also a good choice for people who need extensive dental treatment.

Inhaled sedation should not be used if you have health issues such as COPD, severe liver disease, lung disease, anemia, or any other oxygen-related medical condition because it could result in hypoxia and brain damage.

It is also not a good choice for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Laughing gas should not be used if you have seizures, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, or other seizure-related disorders. Laughing gas may cause your blood pressure to go up or down, so it should be avoided by people with heart problems. Laughing gas should also be avoided by people with hypersensitivity to nitrous oxide.

What Are the Side Effects of Laughing Gas Sedation?

Laughing gas is a relatively safe sedative, but it’s not without its side effects. Laughing gas has been known to increase anxiety, agitation, irritability, depression, increase sleepiness, drowsiness, laziness, and apathy. Laughing gas can also cause some people to experience nausea or vomiting. These side effects will wear out with time, but if they persist, visit a dental office near you.

How Long Does Laughing Gas Sedation Effects Last?

Laughing gas sedation effects will last for about an hour. After that, you will slowly return to your normal state. You may feel a little tired and hungry after the sedation effects have worn off.

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